Scientific Papers

Equine Plasma

Endotoxaemia & Hypermune equine plasma products
Veterinary Immunogenics Ltd Download PDF
Rhodococcus equi plasma and the equine neonate
Veterinary Immunogenics Ltd Download PDF
Effects of hyperimmune equine plasma on clinical and cellular responses in a low-dose endotoxaemia model in horses
G. Forbes, S. Church, C.J. Savage, S.R. Bailey. University of Melbourne Equine Centre Australia. Download PDF
The effect of equine hyperimmune sera on TNFα activity in a L929 cell bioassay
M Kotiw, C Raghaven, M Johnson, IA Shiels and RP Wilson – Proceedings Equine Science Symposium, Volume 1, 2006, pp 22-23. Download PDF
Evaluation of equine immunoglobulin specific for Rhodococcus equi virulence-associated proteins A and C for use in protecting foals against Rhodococcus equi-induced pneumonia.
K.E. Hooper-McGrevy, S. Giguere, B.N. Wilkie, J.F. Prescott. AJVR, Vol 62, No. 8, August 2001. Download PDF
Prognostic value of clinicopathological variables obtained at admission and effect of antiendotoxin plasma on survival in septic and critically ill foals.
S.F. Peek, S. Semrad, S.M. McGuirk, A. Riseberg, J.A. Slack, F. Marques, D. Coombs, L. Lien, N. Keuler, B.J. Darien. J Vet Intern Med. 20: 569-574. 2006. Download PDF