What is your equine plasma's
ROI (Return on Immunity)?

When a foal’s future is in your hands, what’s in your freezer matters.

It's not hype.
It's hyperimmunised.

Higher antibody levels improve immunity and promote faster healing. All our donors are hyperimmunised to reach the Veterinary Medicines Directorate approved antibody levels needed for the IgG performance you want. Whether administering plasma for protection or recovery, if you count on antibodies, you can count on VIL.

Plasvacc - Equiplas Administration

We refuse to blend in.

VIL plasma is never blended. We use single-source donor tracking and cell-free plasma to reduce the risk of adverse reactions. Each donor animal is carefully screened, meticulously cared for, and quarantined.

Our Collection Process

Hypermune™ Products

High quality equine plasma produced to a licensed procedure by Veterinary Immunogenics Ltd from hyperimmunised horses.

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Hyperimmunised equine plasma, effective in:

  • Cases of Failure of Passive Transfer in foals.
  • Providing non-specific protection against diseases through cytokines, lymphokines and other bioactive peptides to increase the activity of neutrophils and enhance phagocytosis.
  • Enhancing the benefits of fluid therapy by increasing oncotic pressure.
  • Horses of any age with hypovolaemia and/or hypoproteinaemia.
  • Supportive therapy in major equine surgery.

HYPERMUNE™ includes antibodies with cross reactivity against a wide range of gram negative bacteria including Salmonella spp. and E. coli J5 and can be considered for use in cases of Endotoxaemia.

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Hyperimmunised plasma containing antibodies to R.equi.

Used in the prevention and control of Rhodococcus equi infections, a causative agent of primarily purulent pneumonia in foals.

HYPERMUNE™-RE is harvested from donors hyperimmunised with a Rhodococcus equi vaccine specially made for Veterinary Immunogenics. The plasma is available in 1 litre bags for intravenous usage. Administer one litre intravenously at birth and a second litre at approximately 21 days.

Our products are validated to be of the highest quality, safe and efficaceous. Please see the product data sheets and usage guides.

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Hypermune™ and Hypermune™-RE are aseptically produced from "universal donors":

  • Free from disease
  • Sterile
  • Free from endotoxins
  • Quantified - total protein not less than 50g/l, and IgG not less than 24g/l
  • Free from blood cells
  • Two-year shelf life from date of collection
  • The most cost effective source of IgG
  • Available in one litre bags for immediate intravenous transfusion