What is your equine plasma's
ROI (Return on Immunity)?

When a foal’s future is in your hands, what’s in your freezer matters.

See what makes Equiplas a foal's best start
Equiplas Equine Plasma

It's not hype.
It's hyperimmunized.

Higher antibody levels improve immunity and promote faster healing. All our donors are hyperimmunized to reach the USDA-approved antibody levels needed for the IgG performance you want. Whether administering plasma for protection or recovery, if you count on antibodies, you can count on Plasvacc.

Equine Plasma Products
Equiplas Equine Plasma Products

"Using Equiplas saved the life of a newborn Akhal-teke filly in my practice last year. This is an extremely rare breed, and this filly's bloodlines were important to the breed's survival in this country. Thank you for a great product!"
Nicole Eller-Medina, DVM

We refuse to blend in.

Plasvacc plasma is never blended. We use single-source donor tracking and cell-free plasma to reduce the risk of adverse reactions. Each donor animal is carefully screened, meticulously cared for, and quarantined.

Our Collection Process

Equine Products & Services

Equine Plasma Products

Plasvacc’s hyperimmunized Equiplas plasma products. For a foal’s best start in life.


Equine Whole Blood

Our hyperimmunized equine whole blood is collected upon request, for the freshest product possible.

Equine Whole Blood
Plasvacc - Equine Whole Blood

Lab Services

With accurate results and a competent team to answer your questions, our labs provide peace of mind.

Lab Services
Equine Lab Services

Diagnostic Kits

When your equine patients need quick and accurate diagnoses, what’s in your point-of-care kit matters. Plasvacc is proud to be your source for reliable equine diagnostic kits.

Diagnostic Kits


Simply reliable. Flexneb 2 nebulizer delivers nebulized drugs easily and comfortably, for patient and clinician.

Flexineb 2 Nebulizer