Plasvacc Veterinary Blood Bank

Saving lives,
one drop at a time.

Blood products for felines and canines.

For Donors   |   For Veterinarians

Saving lives,
one drop at a time.

Blood products for felines and canines.

For Donors   |   For Veterinarians


Join the Plasvacc
Donor Family

Like humans, our canine family members can face a plethora of situations such as illness, injury or surgery where blood transfusions can mean the difference between life and death.

Just as humans rely on the kindness and goodwill of others to maintain a blood supply responsible for saving countless lives every single day, without lifesaving canine blood donors, all too many dogs would never get the chance at a successful outcome.

We're proud of each and every dog that joins the Plasvacc donor program, with every donation helping to save the life of a fellow furry friend in need.

Donor Info Sheet
  • Annual wellness exam with full blood panel covered at no cost to ensure your pet is healthy and ready to donate.
  • Annual disease screenings to screen for Brucella, heartworms, as well as tick-borne diseases.
  • Complimentary gifts including a gift card, dog bandana, "I save lives" dog tag and social media recognition.
  • Knowing that your donation has saved the life of someone's beloved family member.

Joining our team is simple. If you can check off all of the requirements below, your pet is likely eligible to donate. Give us a call at 805-434-0321 to schedule a blood panel and disease prescreening, paid for by Plasvacc Veterinary Blood Bank.

  • Healthy and friendly
  • 1-8 years old
  • Weighs 50lbs+
  • No current medications*
  • No prior blood transfusions
  • Current on vaccinations

*Some medications may exclude your dog from the blood donor program. If accepted, donors are asked to visit our collection facility every 4-6 weeks.


At Plasvacc, we're passionate about science, animals, and bringing the two together to protect and save lives. That's why we're proud to provide life-saving blood transfusion products for your feline and canine patients to help ensure a positive outcome.

Plasvacc. Peace of mind is in the bag.

Blood Products for
Felines & Canines

From our stringent purity and safety controls to the health and welfare of our donor animals, Plasvacc's veterinary blood products will help get your critical care patients home where they belong.

As a trusted provider of veterinary plasma products for over 35 years, Plasvacc USA is proud to add veterinary blood bank services to our product offerings for veterinarians nation-wide.


• Feline whole blood, Type A or B, available in 50mL
• Canine whole blood, available in 250mL and 450mL

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Plasvacc Veterinary Blood Bank recruits young, vibrant, and healthy volunteer donors for our program. Each animal is a loved family companion that is thoroughly examined and extensively screened to ensure they are free of diseases. Additionally, blood typing is performed to reduce the likelihood of a reaction to the recipient.

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