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See our video guides for the product usage information you need to properly handle, thaw, and administer your Caniplas and Equiplas products. Learn more from our team about Plasvacc’s mission in producing and distributing USDA-licensed, hyperimmunized plasma.

Equiplas Videos

Equiplas Overview

In this video, the Plasvacc team walks you through our collection process and quality control standards. You'll also meet several DVMs and hear about their success with using Equiplas.

Thawing Guide

Learn how to properly handle and thaw Equiplas plasma with a licensed D.V.M.

Preparation For Transfusion

In this video, a licensed D.V.M. details the various steps in preparation for an Equiplas transfusion in a foal.

Transfusion Guide

Interested in learning how to properly prepare Equiplas plasma for transfusion into a foal? Find out in this video.

FAQs & Tips

Hear from a licensed D.V.M. as he responds to frequently asked questions about Equiplas plasma while demonstrating a transfusion on one of his equine patients.

Caniplas Videos

Caniplas Overview

Join Plasvacc’s CEO and President, Andrew Macarthur, to learn about our Caniplas plasma line. You'll also hear from several DVMs about their success with using Caniplas.

Blood Typing

Discover how to properly use and interpret results from Alvedia’s canine blood typing kit.

Handling and Thawing

Learn how to properly handle and thaw Caniplas plasma with a licensed D.V.M.

Using the Giving Set

In this video, you’ll learn how to properly install a giving set into a bag of freshly thawed Caniplas plasma.

Administering Caniplas

Find out how to properly administer Caniplas plasma with a licensed D.V.M. as he demonstrates on one of his canine patients.

FAQs & Tips

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about Caniplas from a licensed D.V.M.

Conditions successfully treated by Caniplas

This video explores the effectiveness of Caniplas against several common conditions in canine patients.

Possible Reactions from a Caniplas Transfusion

Dive into the advantages, antibody interactions, and potential outcomes that can occur in canine patients after a Caniplas administration.

Additional Videos

About Plasvacc

Meet Plasvacc’s CEO and President, Andrew Mcarthur, as he shares more about our products, our mission, and how we first got started in producing hyperimmunised plasma for Canine and Equine patients.