There's nothing more disappointing than losing a foal when something could have been done to help it. It's heartbreaking. It happened to us.

That's the reason we started Plasvacc.

Our commitment to always going one step further

From our stringent purity and safety controls to the care of our donor animals, we don’t stop at “good enough.”

At Plasvacc, we are passionate about science, animals, and bringing the two together to improve and protect lives. Every day, we make that happen by providing exceptional products and support to veterinary clinics and horse breeding facilities throughout the world.



Founded in 1996 as Plasvacc Pty Ltd in Australia and expanded through Plasvacc USA Inc. in 2005, the acquisition of Veterinary Immunogenics Ltd in the United Kingdom in 2022, and most recently with Plasvacc Chile, Plasvacc has grown to serve thousands of clients globally.

Dedicated to maintaining the highest safety and quality standards, Plasvacc has met not only the strict licensing requirements of the USDA, but also holds product registrations from regulators in multiple other countries.

Together, Plasvacc’s global companies have worked to set the standard for veterinary biologics worldwide by pairing a steadfast commitment to animal ethics with an unyielding commitment to delivering the highest quality product possible, while providing unmatched customer service and technical support as we proudly serve the needs of veterinarians and breeders all over the world.

Our people might sound
a lot like your people.

We believe all members of the Plasvacc team, including our donor animals, deserve healthy and happy lives. We take care of each other and take pride in our work. We don’t cut corners, and we will never sacrifice our ethics or quality to increase profits.

We know Plasvacc’s success comes from our commitment to great people, sound science, valued donor animals, and happy customers. We treat our clients, our team and our donor animals with the respect owed to those who heal and save.

Our Team