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Plasvacc - VMRD Feline Serum Amyloid A Test

VMRD Feline Serum Amyloid A Test

The VMRD Feline SAA test measures serum amyloid A (SAA) in feline serum or plasma. SAA is an inflammatory biomarker that helps to diagnose infection and monitor treatment efficacy in multiple species, including cats. It is more sensitive and reliable than body temperature and WBC count for detecting acute infections, as it is highly dynamic in response to systemic inflammation. As infection resolves, SAA decreases rapidly.

This 10-minute lateral flow test can easily be run in-clinic, with numerical results provided by the handheld VMRD Reader.

Plasvacc - VMRD Reader

VMRD Reader

Reader for use with VMRD point-of-care tests that provides a quantitative result in whole blood and serum samples.

Plasvacc - Feline Blood Typing

Feline Blood Typing

Alvedia feline blood typing tests are easy-to-use in-clinic tests designed to determine the major immunoreactive blood types of cats. The tests use immunochromatography and the A and B blood group antigens (cat). These tests can be performed with as little as one mL of blood with results obtained within three minutes. Knowing the blood type of donors and recipients is important in transfusion medicine, in particular in cats where a mismatched blood transfusion can cause rapid death. Feline blood typing tests are available individually (QuickTest) or in a pack of 20 (LabTest).