Peace of mind is in the bag.

Blood plasma products for natural healing.
It's not hype. It's hyperimmunized.

Our commitment to always going one step further

More antibodies mean better immunity.

At Plasvacc USA, our veterinary biological products are hyperimmunized to reach the USDA specified levels needed for the antibody performance you desire. Our high gamma globulin (IgG), cell-free plasma biologics help patients heal more quickly with less drug intervention.

Equine Canine

Do you know what's in your plasma?

With Plasvacc plasma, you get 100% traceable, single-source donor, cell-free plasma. Our plasma is never blended. With Plasvacc, peace of mind is in the bag.

Equiplas® Caniplas®

Antibody counts count.

Higher antibody levels improve immunity and promote faster healing. That’s why at Plasvacc, we put our IgG measurements right on our Equiplas labels. Our USDA-licensed plasma guarantees a higher IgG level than non-hyperimmunized products. Whether you’re administering plasma for protection or recovery, if you count on antibodies, count on Plasvacc.


Plasma Therapy →

Plasma therapy is the process of administering plasma or plasma-based products to increase the levels of antibodies in the blood.

Collection Process →

We provide cell-free, single-source, hyperimmunized plasma. Each donor animal is carefully screened, meticulously cared for, and kept in a quarantined herd.

Donor Herd →

Plasvacc USA's equine blood products are collected from a USDA-approved herd of approximately 90 donor horses.

Purity & Safety →

At our USDA-licensed facility, equine plasma and red cells are harvested using the same stringent controls and pheresing equipment as is used in the collection of human blood products.


How to Order

At Plasvacc, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the products and support you need, when you need them.

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Support for veterinarians, by veterinarians.

With Plasvacc, you get answers from people who speak your language and understand your concerns. Veterinary technical information and product support is available from experienced doctors who use Plasvacc products in their own practices.

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Animal Ethics & Welfare:
Our Responsibility

Plasvacc’s directors and employees are wholly committed to ensuring the health and welfare of our donor animals.

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