Plasma Storage

As with any medical product, the storage of plasma and plasma-based products is subject to strict guidelines.

Our plasma products are collected and stored in final treatment units of varying volume, dependent upon the plasma type. Each unit has a guaranteed concentration of gamma globulins present.

After collection, plasma treatment units are frozen and stored at our plasma production facility. Plasma batch samples are thoroughly tested to ensure they are free from blood-borne pathogens, disease, contain no blood cells and carry uniform gamma-globulin concentrations.

Only after extensive quality control testing are treatment units released for sale.

In order to ensure the ongoing quality of your Plasvacc plasma products, it is important to maintain storage standards when the product is in your possession. Upon delivery of a Plasvacc shipment, points to remember include:

  • Plasvacc plasma products must remain frozen until required.
  • Treatment units should be handled with care, frozen bags of plasma are easily damaged.
  • Transfusion ports are breakable, do not handle before thawing.
  • Thawed treatment units must be used within 21 days of thawing for Equiplas and 7 days for Caniplas and stored in the refrigerator.
  • Plasma and plasma-based products have a lifespan of up to 3 years from the date of collection.

If these guidelines are adhered to, the integrity and quality of Plasvacc products will be maintained.