What is your canine plasma's
ROI (Return on Immunity)?

When their future is in your hands, what’s in your freezer matters.

Learn how Caniplas® can benefit your canine patients
Plasvacc - Caniplas Canine Plasma

It's not hype.
It's hyperimmunised.

Caniplas® fresh frozen plasma products have more antibodies for better immunity. Better immunity helps shorten the course of treatments, reduces hospitalisation periods, and lessens the quantity of drugs required to treat a variety of conditions.

Canine Plasma Products
Caniplas Canine Plasma

"We've moved from using Caniplas as a last resort,
to using Caniplas as a first resort."
Robert Zamorano, DVM

Recent studies and experience in veterinary practices with the use of our canine plasma has shown that Caniplas® may aid in shortening treatment periods and increase the survival rates of the following conditions:

  • Acute Pancreatitis
  • Severe tissue trauma, such as with motor vehicle accidents or major surgery (amputations in large dogs)
  • Any diarrhoea, which is serious enough to necessitate fluid therapy
  • Parvovirus infection*
  • Occult bleeding (e.g. lungs), even with no history of rodenticide ingestion**
  • Von Willebrand dogs, to top up clotting factors, before surgery**

Do you know what’s in your Canine plasma?

With Plasvacc plasma you get single-source donor tracking and cell-free plasma. Our donor animals are carefully screened, meticulously cared for, and quarantined.

  • Donors are hyperimmunised for parvovirus antibodies
  • Fresh frozen shelf life of 30 months**
  • Replacement guarantee
  • Donors are quarantined and screened to be free from disease
  • Available for purchase conveniently from your Veterinary Wholesaler

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Give your dog better odds. Caniplas fresh frozen plasma for dogs.

Plasvacc - Caniplas Canine Plasma

Diagnostic Kits

Canine and feline blood testing kits. Easy to use, rapid results.

Diagnostic Kits
Plasvacc - Canine Diagnostic Kits

Packed Red Blood Cells

CaniPRBC & UniPRBC—made to order to maximise the shelf life, from hyperimmunised canine donors with constant veterinary supervision and care 365 days a year.

Plasvacc - Canine Packed Red Blood Cells