Introducing Our Partnership With Anubis Retirement

At Plasvacc we’re extremely proud—and honoured—to be in a position to give our donor dogs (ex-racing greyhounds given a second chance at life) full opportunity to live out their best days both during their donation career with Plasvacc, and beyond.

With a strict commitment to animal welfare, it has always been our mission to ensure our donor animals want for nothing while receiving the best care possible. This mission wouldn’t be complete without ensuring this same level of care is provided even after they are no longer viable donors.

To complete this mission, we partnered with Anubis Retirement, a third-party non-profit organization providing care and rehoming services for all retired donor dogs.

Through our partnership, Anubis Retirement is able to rehome dogs to loving families, when possible, as well as provide a forever home as needed at the all-inclusive “Anubis Retirement Village.”

Rehoming some of our donors is only possible because of the positive effect Plasvacc staff and the environment they provide have had on their temperament during the years that they’ve lived with us

Whether it’s a temporary stay or a forever home, Anubis Retirement provides dogs with everything they need to thrive and enjoy themselves.

A Day in the Life

It’s not all rest and relaxation in retirement though, dogs begin their day a bit earlier than some would probably like—Ginger definitely likes to press the snooze button! That’s quickly forgotten though when a nourishing breakfast coaxes even the drowsiest of pups out of bed.

After breakfast, they leave their apartment and head out to the yard for the day to hang out with their friends. From pools to swim in, tunnels to hide in, holes to dig, and grass to roll about in, there’s no shortage of things to do. And there’s definitely plenty of beds for when the afternoon naps start calling!

While out for the day, the dogs’ apartments are freshened up, and when they return in the evening, they’ll always find a nice juicy Kong toy in case they’re not quite ready to call it a night. In the winter there’s even a turndown service that includes a pair of cozy PJs to keep any chills at bay. And, definitely appreciated by some more than others, monthly bath time is always a lively occurrence!

Carefree Living Comes From The Best Care Possible

Currently, 11 dogs live at Anubis, and are cared for seven days a week. All staff are required to undergo an extensive on-site training program to ensure they are fully prepared and able to properly care for our retirees, and cater to their individual needs and preferences. From monthly medical checkups, deworming, nail trimming, and a trip to the salon, to daily directed exercise, nothing is overlooked to ensure a healthy, happy life for retirees at Anubis.

For more information as well as a chance to meet some past and present retirees at Anubis, be sure to check out the Anubis Retirement Facebook page!