How Our Plasma Purity and Safety Protocols Impact Your Patient Outcomes

While the efficacy of plasma treatments has been long proven, they’re still only as effective as they are safe. With the highest possible level of safety and efficacy serving as our primary goal for each and every one of our products here at Plasvacc, we take great pride in adhering to the most stringent quality control and safety processes in the industry.

From the second donor animals step on to our facility in sunny Kalbar, Queensland to tracking and monitoring patient-ready plasma all the way to its final destination, not a single part of the process goes overlooked as we seek to provide veterinarians and their patients the safest, most effective plasma products possible. 

Safety Starts with Screening

In a process beginning long before their arrival, all new donors are screened and monitored to be free from disease before entering our quarantined premises. Once on the premises, they are then isolated until another round of screening further confirms their complete lack of disease and other adverse health conditions. Only then after receiving another clean bill of health are they introduced into our fully quarantined donor herd. 

No other animals are allowed onto the facility grounds under any circumstances, lest they run the risk of bringing our donor herd into contact with any pathogens or potential disease vectors. 

Governed by the same strict commitment to ensuring every possible safety measure is taken, our plasma and collection processes have been designed to follow the same standards used in human collection processes. To that end, the same stringent standards and pheresing equipment used with humans are also used in our APVMA-registered collection facility. 

Our Collection Process starts With Quality Control

Each and every plasma collection utilises single-use, sterile, disposable collection kits ensuring a closed system that ensures that all plasma collected remains sterile from donor to recipient while also guaranteeing fast, effective donor tracking in the event of an adverse reaction. (Reported adverse reaction rates are less than 0.001 percent)

Protein levels are monitored regularly during the pheresing procedure, with each and every batch of plasma undergoing a battery of safety and sterility tests. The plasma is frozen immediately after collection while our in-house lab quantifies immunoglobulin concentration using standardized radial immunodiffusion testing.

Our cold-storage facility is closely monitored and regularly inspected to guarantee that all plasma is stored between -17 to -40 degrees Celsius until shipment. 

Red-blood-cell collections follow the same sterile collection process and undergo strict quality control testing before being immediately refrigerated, with stocks regularly rotated to ensure optimal freshness and transfusion efficacy. 

Overnight, Monitored Delivery

Once ordered, blood and plasma products are shipped via express delivery on ice to ensure ultimate freshness, as being completely thawed can lessen treatment efficacy.  All shipments are tracked and monitored by our in-house customer service team in order to ensure they are en route and on time, and if not, actions are taken to intervene and keep the product at the appropriate temperature. 

End Result: The Safest, Most Effective Plasma and Red Blood Cell Treatments We Can Provide

So while there are over eight individual steps in our plasma collection, quality control, and storage process, we wouldn’t sacrifice a single one of them as it allows us to say with complete confidence that your animals are receiving the safest, most effective treatments we can provide.