Meet Our Donor Dogs!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a dog in the Plasvacc donor pack? Well, wonder no further as we take this opportunity to introduce you to three of our beloved donors and take a look at how these happy hounds spend their days.

What Breeds Make up the Plasvacc Donor Pack?

Comprised of greyhounds, dogs in the Plasvacc donor pool come from a racing background, either as retired racers or dogs who didn’t quite make the cut—but are still just as quick when it comes to winning our hearts!

What Does a Typical Day in the Life of a Donor Dog Look Like?

After a nice, nutritious breakfast, the donors have a busy day of playing with their friends (both human and canine) while making sure to get plenty of rest in-between—as anyone who has spent time with greyhounds will know, they love to play and zoom around, but it’s lazing around that truly has their hearts.

What Does a Donation Day Look Like?

After a walk into the air-conditioned collection room (similar to a veterinary clinic exam room) they’re free to choose from their pick of toys or curl up on a comfortable bed while they wait their turn for donation. Once they’ve completed the donation process and received a routine health check from one of our dedicated veterinarians they’re walked back to their kennel for a meal and some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

How long do most donors actively donate?

Dogs in our donor pool actively donate from years 1-8, after which they’re retired and rehomed with loving caretakers.

World, Meet Logan!

One of the biggest greyhounds on-site, Logan was born in 2015 and has been at Plasvacc since November 2017. Ever the character, he has most staff wrapped around his finger and wears his love of being cuddled and patted on his sleeve. Logan donates plasma once per month.

Say Hello to Munro!

A new arrival to Plasvacc, Munro has been with us since July 2021. Born in 2017, he comes from a lovely racing home in rural Victoria. Ever the athlete, Munro loves chasing his ball and splashing around in any water that crosses his path. Munro recently had his first plasma collection.

Who’s a Good Boy? Blue!

Blue joined us in 2018 at the age of three. Ever the socialite, Blue loves playing with his peers and can usually be found with his best friend Kiera, another donor. Blue donates plasma once a month.

Note: At Plasvacc, we take the physical and mental welfare of our donor animals very seriously. To review our animal ethics and welfare policy, please click here.