Why 100% Traceable, Single-source Donor, Cell-free Plasma Matters

Here at Plasvacc, we’ve devoted decades to developing our donor management and collection processes in order to provide the safest, most effective licensed equine and canine plasma products possible. Plasvacc was started for the benefit of our very own animals, and it has been a tireless labour of love to create a product lineup that sets the bar for current standards of care. To that end, we’ve determined that the benefits afforded by 100-percent traceable, single-source donor, cell-free plasma can’t be ignored.

Benefits of Single Donor Plasma

Specialization for Increased Concentration

By utilizing single-source collection we can hyperimmunise donor animals in ways that target the specific requirements of individual treatment indications. This allows each donor’s antibody complements and levels to be tailored to each product, increasing IgG (Immunoglobulin G, a class of immunoglobulins including the most common antibodies circulating in the blood) concentrations—often to levels well in excess of the thresholds specified by the APVMA.

Less Chance for Cross-Contamination

We’re proud of the efficacy afforded by our ability to tailor donor’s antibody complements to specific product needs, but single-source donor practices also mean there’s much less chance for cross-contamination during the collection process. With a single collection process, the level of risk is drastically reduced as compared to the potentially dozens involved with creating a blended product. Minimal processing leads to maximal safety. When it comes to the health and safety of your animals, we’re of the mindset that minimizing risk is a responsibility, not just a selling point.


Our careful approach and industry-leading collection methods result in a final product that is extremely safe, effective, and well-tolerated, with a reported adverse reaction rate of less than 0.001%. Our single-source donor protocol allows for quick, reliable tracing, which, in the rare event of a reported reaction, allows for a timely and effective investigation.

Why Isn’t All Plasma Single-Source?

In a word, cost. It’s both cheaper and faster to simply collect plasma from multiple donors and blend it together, relying on animals with above-average IgG levels to lift the blended average.

Single-source collection requires meticulous selection and careful monitoring of each and every one of our plasma donors, to ensure we meet our scrupulous quality standards and IgG levels in a single collection.

While blending plasma from multiple donors may be cost-effective from a collection perspective, we believe the safety and performance benefits of single-source plasma are simply too great to overlook.

It’s why, as we’ve come to put it, we simply refuse to blend in.