Equine Diagnostic Kits: A Closer Look

While we’ve built our name and reputation on over three decades of providing the safest, most effective equine plasma we can, we’re also proud to serve as a trusted source for safe, timely and effective veterinary diagnostic solutions essential for both acute and preventative care for your equine patients.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and with our equine diagnostic kits, it’s hard to overstate their value in your practice. We manufacture equine diagnostic kits in-house and also serve as a distributor of VMRD and ALVEDIA’s innovative—and accurate—veterinary diagnostic kits in order to cover a wide range of diagnostic needs from immunoglobulin testing to early infection detection.

VMRD Equine Serum Amyloid A Test

We’re proud to serve as a distributor of VMRD’s Serum Amyloid A Test that allows for early detection of infection. Early identification of infection can be challenging as the clinical signs are often subtle. The VMRD Equine SAA test is an indispensable tool to aid veterinarians in this challenge, as serum amyloid A (SAA) is rapidly responsive to clinical changes. It is virtually undetectable in normal animals but increases with acute inflammation more rapidly, dramatically, and predictably than fibrinogen or white-blood-cell count. SAA starts dropping as soon as disease begins to resolve, allowing objective monitoring of clinical condition and treatment efficacy.

Easily administered in field or hospital settings, the VMRD Equine SAA diagnostic test allows practitioners to catch infections earlier, potentially reducing the occurrence of acute symptoms that may require advanced treatment and monitoring.

Download VMRD Equine SAA product sheet here.

Gamma Check® E

While most veterinarians and owners incorporate Equiplas into their standard of care for all foals, for some owners this can be cost-prohibitive and as a result may be reserved for higher-risk foals only. The Gamma Check E diagnostic kit offers reliable indication of IgG levels in the first 12-24 hours after birth and is important for all foals in order to ensure their freedom from Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT) or Partial FPT. As FPT can lead to a much higher risk of potentially fatal disease and/or infection, testing to ensure full transfer of immunity isn’t just a good investment in the health of your foal, it should be considered essential.

Download Gamma Check E product sheet here.

ALVEDIA BT Quick Test – Equine

The determination of blood type is an essential process that ensures animals will benefit from transfusion support. The ALVEDIA BT Quick Test allows for fast, accurate blood-typing of all horses in an easy-to-use diagnostic kit. ALVEDIA represents the gold-standard in the veterinary hematology diagnostics field and we’re proud to partner with them in distributing their equine blood-type quick-tests here in Australia. When time and accuracy can mean a difference in outcome, ALVEDIA is the blood type test we trust.

The first step to a better prognosis is a proper diagnosis and our range of diagnostic kits allows for quick, accurate testing both in the clinic and in the field. Our entire range of diagnostic kits and veterinary supplies can be found here.