Caniplas and Parvovirus

Since its discovery in the late 1970s, canine parvovirus has been one of the leading causes of death in dogs due to its highly resilient, contagious, and aggressive nature. The fatality rate for puppies and unvaccinated dogs can be as high as 90% if left untreated. Parvovirus is easily transmitted through direct and indirect contact, is resistant to antivirals and disinfectants, and is very fast-moving once a host is infected. Because there is currently no cure for parvovirus, supportive care is essential while the dog fights the infection.

Veterinarians who see patients with parvovirus know that immediate treatment is essential. The virus is extremely contagious and can do significant amounts of damage in a short period of time. Caniplas, Plasvacc’s hyperimmunised plasma, helps support the body’s organ systems by promoting clotting, controlling inflammation, and giving the dog the lifesaving antibodies it needs to heal and recover.

“Life in a Bag”

Veterinarians tell us having Caniplas in their freezer gives them great peace of mind. It’s reassuring to know that they have a safe, natural treatment readily available when a dog comes in with parvovirus. After experiencing the results firsthand, client and veterinarian Brett Stone says when he tells people about Caniplas, “We’ve seen it bring dogs back to life; I call it life in a bag, [because] it just has so many life-giving properties…”.

Puppies are especially vulnerable to parvovirus until they have completed their vaccination series—usually around 12 weeks of age. If they do get infected, the prognosis is dire without immediate treatment. In a study of dogs with parvovirus enteritis, it was found that in neonatal care, Caniplas “greatly improved the cardiovascular parameters of the puppies…in the first 24 hours post-transfusion.” Download the study here: Download

Caniplas is an investment in the health and longevity of your animals. While parvovirus can be one of the most expensive infections to treat, Caniplas has been shown to pay for itself by reducing the length of hospital stays, as well as the need for extended acute care and prescribed medications. With the use of Caniplas, the patient’s long-term prognosis is markedly improved.

At Plasvacc, all of our APVMA & NZFSA – registered plasma products are manufactured to strict protocols and undergo stringent purity and safety testing. Caniplas has been relied upon by veterinarians and breeders around the world for years. With low risk and high efficacy, Caniplas is the obvious choice for veterinarians.

To learn more about Caniplas, or any of our other biological products, reach out to us here, or give our office a call at 61 7 5463 7600. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.