Investing in Animal Health: Introducing the Plasvacc Veterinary Blood Bank

Plasvacc USA is pleased to announce its newest division, the Plasvacc Veterinary Blood Bank. Headquartered in Brock, Texas, the blood bank now allows Plasvacc to offer canine—and soon feline—whole-blood products in addition to our existing lineup of industry-leading hyperimmunized plasma products and diagnostic supplies. Initially serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, we hope to soon offer whole-blood products to a greatly expanded service area.

Like humans, our animal family members can face many situations such as illness, injury, or surgery where blood transfusions can mean the difference between life and death.

All too often we hear stories from veterinarians and technicians about how not only is there a significant need for whole-blood products other than plasma, but also how difficult it is to source these products.

In many cases, vets and emergency clinics are forced to undertake the difficult process of collecting blood for transfusions themselves.

Realizing that we were in the unique position of being able to make a difference, we decided to apply our three decades of expertise in the safe collection, processing, and fulfillment of industry-leading plasma products to address this unmet need for canine and feline whole-blood products.

Just as humans rely on the kindness and goodwill of others to maintain a blood supply responsible for saving countless lives every single day, without life-saving animal blood supplies, all too many would never get the chance at a successful outcome.

The Plasvacc Veterinary Blood Bank is our attempt to ensure that veterinarians and emergency clinics always have reliable access to canine and feline whole-blood products whose safety they can always trust.

From our stringent purity and safety controls to the health and welfare of our volunteer donor animals, Plasvacc’s veterinary blood products will help get your critical care patients home where they belong.

The Donation Process

Closely mirroring the collection process for our plasma products, the whole-blood collection process is defined by a commitment to quality control at every step. First, all donors must have a good temperament to donate blood. They are then blood typed and screened to be free from disease and tick-borne diseases in addition to undergoing a full blood, urine, and fecal screening.

A PCV (packed cell volume) analysis is also performed at the time of donation along with a physical exam. All blood is collected using sterile collection components and techniques before being stored according to best practices in a designated blood bank refrigerator.

Once ordered, the veterinary whole-blood products (in 250ml and 450ml volumes) are shipped via overnight courier on ice to ensure ultimate freshness. All shipments are tracked and monitored by our in-house customer service team in order to ensure they are enroute and on time, and if not, actions are taken to intervene and keep the product at the appropriate temperature.

The Plasvacc Difference

At Plasvacc, we’re passionate about science, animals, and bringing the two together to protect and save lives. That’s why we’re proud to now provide life-saving blood transfusion products for your canine, coming soon, and feline patients that feature our strict commitment to both safety and quality. To learn more about the blood bank and the whole-blood products offered as well as a closer look the donation process, please visit the dedicated Plasvacc Veterinary Blood Bank page.