Meet the Plasvacc Donor Herd — Part 2

We’re proud to give our donor horses a chance to live out their best lives at our ranch in the rolling hills of Templeton, CA. As unique as you or I, every member of our donor family has its own story—and distinct personality to go along with it!

We introduced you to Elvis, Cooper, and Ginobili in our first meet the herd post, but now, without further ado, here are Fifa and Maverick. 


Age: 12

Breed: Canadian Warmblood

Favorite Snacks: Poutine (Just kidding, but Fifa’s a big fan of celery!)

Favorite Hobbies: N-eh-ing

Hailing from north of the border, Fifa brings her level-headed Canadian sensibility to the donor herd after being imported to the U.S. for her jumping and dressage potential. While she called Palm Springs home, she already had a taste of Templeton before joining the rest of the donor horse herd after having spent her summers here with her trainer, Ellen Eckstein. She showed great progress until an abnormality in her cervical spine put an early end to her show career. Now, having traded jumping for socializing, she enjoys spending her days grazing with a group of close friends she’s made. 


Nickname: Sometimes it’s Curious George, sometimes it’s Cuddle Bug

Age: 12

Breed: Thoroughbred

Favorite Snacks: Bananas

Favorite Hobbies: Eating, Snacking, Eating, Being nosy

A happily retired off-track thoroughbred, Maverick has adjusted nicely to the slower pace at Plasvacc’s pastures and has blossomed in his new role as one of the senior statesmen of the Plasvacc donor herd. A friendly bloke, Maverick is always quick to welcome new members of the donor herd—as long as he still gets fed first!