The Plasma Collection Process

Veterinarians and breeders depend on high-quality biological products to fight disease and save the lives of their patients. At Plasvacc USA, we take pride in the procedures and methods we use to collect our hyperimmunized plasma because we know superior plasma products make for healthy animals and grateful practitioners.

Our Equine plasma is collected from our carefully screened, meticulously cared for, and quarantined herd of about 90 horses who reside at our beautiful ranch in Templeton, CA. Instead of blending plasma from several donors, we hyperimmunize each individual donor to achieve the desired antibody level for each plasma type. Every bag can be traced back to a single-source donor and is cell-free to reduce the risk of any adverse reactions.

At Plasvacc, our collection process is performed using plasmapheresis. This is a procedure in which whole blood is taken from a donor and separated into plasma and blood cells. The plasma is collected into a sterile bag, and the blood cells are then returned to the donor. Plasmapheresis is a technology originally developed for humans but has been modified for use on equine and canine donors. This method has a huge benefit: it reduces more red blood cells than other processes, so the plasma is as pure and safe as possible.

From caring for our donor herd, to collecting, storing, and shipping each bag of plasma, quality and purity are our top concerns. Each batch of plasma must pass quality control testing before it’s sold, including sterility and disease testing for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) and Equine Parvovirus. Plasvacc products contain no preservatives and are not pasteurized. Our products are 100% natural and offer a guarantee of quality that only USDA licensed plasma products can provide.

We follow eight steps in our process of plasma collection:
  1. Donor preparation
  2. Blood sample collection
  3. Analysis and testing
  4. Centrifugal separation
  5. Plasma collection
  6. Return of cells to donor
  7. Freezing & storage
  8. Distribution

Every team member at Plasvacc USA is experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the wellbeing of our donor herd. Our Pheresis Technicians love their work and truly enjoy interacting with the horses they care for.

For more information on how we collect our hyperimmunized plasma, visit our Collection Process page. And if you have any questions about any of our plasma products, give us a call at 800-654-9743.