What is Hyperimmunised Plasma?

At Veterinary Immunogenics, we take great care and pride in providing veterinary biologic products that help animals live longer, healthier lives. We started Veterinary Immunogenics out of a passion for horses. From our facility in beautiful Penrith, UK we collect and process HYPERMUNE and HYPERMUNE-RE hyperimmunised plasma for the treatment of a variety of equine conditions.

What is Hyperimmunised Plasma?

Plasma is the liquid, cell-free component of mammalian blood. Hyperimmunised plasma contains an increased level of antibodies (immunoglobulin) over untreated plasma. These increased antibodies have been shown to provide greater protection from infections, as well as promote faster healing and recovery times. Plasma supports the animal’s natural immune system, so there are fewer side effects and drug interactions.

Hyperimmunised equine plasma is used for the prevention and treatment of conditions such as Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT) in foals and Rhodococcus equi infections. Additionally, it can shorten recovery times from other diseases and injuries. 

Veterinary Immunogenics’ 100% traceable, single-source, cell-free plasma is collected exclusively from our donor animals. All our products are rigorously tested and produced under the regulations of the UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate and Home Office licenses.


Hyperimmunised plasma can only come from donor animals who adhere to a regimen of testing, vaccinations, and monitoring. Before being accepted into the closed donor group, animals are quarantined and screened for suitability as plasma and red cell donors by outside experts.

Our equine donors reside at our Penrith facility and are screened, tested, and hyperimmunised for specific diseases, such as Rhodococcus equi. Every Veterinary Immunogenics donor animal is tended to by veterinary professionals who love what they do.

Collection Process

Plasma is collected by specially trained pheresis technicians who know and care for each donor animal. During collection, each donor also receives replacement IV fluids so they are ready to rejoin the pack without feeling sick or dehydrated. Veterinary Immunogenics’ plasma products are then quality control tested immediately after collection, and only sold once the product meets all specifications and approval from the quality team is received.

Benefits and Results

Hyperimmunised plasma has shown efficacy for a variety of illnesses and injuries. In horses, hyperimmunised plasma has several applications. Since foals are born with few antibodies, they need the benefits of IgG provided by the mother’s colostrum. When antibodies cannot be passed through the colostrum, the foal can suffer from Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT), which can be fatal. HYPERMUNE provides the necessary IgG antibodies to help every foal reach its full potential.

Complete Failure of Passive Transfer in foals is defined as an IgG level of less than 400 mg/dL, and Partial Failure of Passive Transfer is an IgG level between 400-800 mg/dL, 24 hours after birth. Administering one unit of plasma at birth can provide the foal with a robust, healthy immune system, giving it the best start in life.

In addition to FPT treatment in foals, HYPERMUNE-RE has been used to prevent Rhodococcus equi and other serious infections. 

For additional information on HYPERMUNE and HYPERMUNE-RE and their life-saving potential, please peruse our Reference page for a full range of background information, reviews, guides, and product information sheets.